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Spike in Isle of Palms Murders, Police Chief Asks for Help from Community

Admin_Scott Kegel Nov. 25, 2014

Chief Eddie Driggers of the North Isle of Palms Police made an announcement yesterday regarding the recent spike in the city’s murder rate. After two more unrelated murders over the past weekend, the murder count for 2014 has risen to 20. This is 5 more murders than all of 2013.

However, Chief Driggers says that the city is not less safe than any community in the world. In an attempt to keep citizens safe, the chief says his officers are going into neighborhoods to look for known criminals. According to Driggers, the police force has shifted from their approach from “own the zone” to “know the zone”. This means that officers are increasing efforts to understand the criminal element within the neighborhoods that they patrol.

According to Live5 News, Driggers believes that most of the killers and victims involved in murders this year knew each other. The murders are thought to be predominately drug-related or for retaliation purposes.

The chief issued a call to action for his community, asking the victim’s families not to retaliate and encouraging anyone with information on the crimes to come forward. He said of the families: “I look them dead in the eyes just like I’m looking you in the eyes, and I reassure them that we’re gonna do everything we can to bring to justice the people who have harmed them and their loved ones.”

Anyone with information on these unsolved murders is asked to call Crime Stoppers. For more information on this weekend’s murders, check out this Live5 News article.

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