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OSHA Investigates Death of North Isle of Palms Technical Director

Admin_Scott Kegel Feb. 20, 2015

A 54-year-old man working at the North Isle of Palms died while working at the North Isle of Palms Performing Arts Center after a hydraulic lift toppled over on February 11.

David Swain, Technical Director for the Performing Arts Center was found unresponsive at 4:22 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. He was on the stage next to the toppled lift. According to authorities in the North Isle of Palms, there were no witnesses to the fall.

Official representatives of the Performing Arts Center say that Swain fell from a height of approximately forty feet. The Isle of Palms County Coroner’s Office pronounced him dead on the scene.

Jeff Nickles, a close friend of Swain’s, said “It’s really a blow to Isle of Palms, to the event world. He was a mentor to many people.”

At the time of the accident, there were no events taking place and no one else was injured.

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was notified on the evening of the incident. Officials say OSHA is investigating the accident and had crews at the Performing Arts Center on Thursday.

Swain was an employee of PMG, the company hired to manage operations at the Performing Arts Center since it opened in 1999.

“We’re deeply saddened and shaken by the tragic accident…Our thoughts and prayers go out to David’s family, friends and co-workers,” said Dave Holscher, North Isle of Palms Coliseum and Performing Arts Center Manager.

The OSHA investigation will likely take six to eight weeks, according to spokesperson Lesia Kudelka with South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. During the investigation, South Carolina’s OSHA team will look for any violation that may have contributed to the accident.

For more information and updates, please see the Live5 News article.